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Finding Information Regarding Ga and CyberSafety

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The Task Force is presenting this Web site as part of its community outreach program to provide informatio n for families, teachers, and community leaders in CyberSafety. To download our PDF tri-fold brochure click here.

The link will take you to pages that explain:

  • All about the Task Force
  • 's CyberCrime Task Force
  • Federal and State of Statutes regarding: Fraud - Obscenity - Sexual Exploitation
  • Case Law

For parent and child information try the Families link

  • For Parents there are pages with information, suggestions and information about Community Education Programs
  • For Kids there are pages with suggestions and safe fun sites
  • For Teens there are pages with information, suggestions and links

If you want to know why you should care about CyberSafety visit the Risks section

  • Lures of the Internet
  • Behavioral Changes
  • Personal Safety
  • Illegal Acts

You can learn more about the Community Cybersafety Program in the Community Section

  • Community Presentations
  • How to request a presentation
  • Resources for the community

If you are an educator try the Teacher's link for access to pages about

  • CyberSafety at School
  • Available Curriculums Lesson Plans
  • National Technology Standards
  • Links regarding CyberSafety and Technology use in the classroom

Use the Technologies link for general information about technologies

  • Computer technologies, such as browsing, email, chat, file downloading, thumb drives, and more
  • Other technologies, such as cell phones and personal data assistants

For Information about reporting a Crime use the Report Crime link

  • How to report crimes against children, threats, fraud and more

For help in translating a chat room conversation click on Chat Translator

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